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Victory in Court for Special Needs Family

Attorney Leone, representing a family in Nashoba Regional School District, won the case. [September 2020]

Representing Children with Disabilities

School Districts have a duty to provide a free, appropriate public education ("FAPE") to children with disabilities. The components of this education should be incorporated into an Individualized Education Plan ("IEP"). The United States Supreme Court has defined an appropriate education as one that is "reasonably calculated to confer meaningful educational benefit(s)". However, Congress may have raised the standard for FAPE by language contained within No Child Left Behind and IDEA 2004. The IEP must contain objective data, if available, which shows the child's current level of performance, and it must include goals which are both meaningful and measurable. While goals need to be realistic, Congress has stated that the team must set high expectations for children with disabilities to make progress in the general curriculum (defined in Massachusetts by the Curriculum Frameworks). Once an IEP is written, School Districts are required to implement the plan and provide proof of effective progress to Parents.

Unfortunately, the process can break down at numerous points, and Parents often need to proceed to Due Process Hearing in order to enforce their child's rights under state and federal laws, which provide for both substantive and procedural rights.

For instance, Parents are an important member of the team which drafts the child's IEP. The law directs School Districts to highly respect parental input and provides specific procedural protections to Parents. If Parental input is not given adequate consideration, and/or procedural protections are not complied with by the School District, the BSEA may find the School District in violation of the law. (Some examples of procedural violations are: failure to have classroom teacher present during Team Meetings; failure to give notice of Parents' rights; failure to give adequate notice of planned meetings; failure to give written notice of school district refusal to make changes to IEP requested by Parents; and failure to conduct evaluations within the timelines.)

Web Resources

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - IDEA is a law ensuring services to children with disabilities throughout the nation. IDEA governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention, special education and related services to more than 6.5 million eligible infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities.

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National Research Center on Learning Disabilities - NRCLD's goal is to help educators, policymakers, and parents understand the complexity and importance of making sound decisions regarding whether a child has a specific learning disability. Our research in this area - including studies of the role of and best practices associated with responsiveness to intervention - is the foundation underlying all of the materials available on this site.

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Asperger/Autism Network - our mission is to foster awareness, respect, acceptance, and support for individuals with AS and related conditions and their families.

Special Needs Advocacy Network - for over 25 years, SPAN has provided continuing professional development and support for advocates and other professionals in the field of Special Education across Massachusetts. Collaborate with other professionals as well as with parents of children with disabilities.

Bureau of Special Education Appeals for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - The Bureau of Special Education Appeals ("BSEA") conducts mediations, advisory opinions and hearings to resolve disputes among parents, school districts, private schools and state agencies concerning eligibility, evaluation, placement, individualized education programs (IEPs), special education services and procedural protections for students with disabilities.

Massachussets Law for Children with Special Needs - This is the existing law as enacted by the Massachussets Legislature - General Law, Chapter 71B.

Yellow Pages for Kids - Find educational consultants psychologists, diagnosticians, health care specialists, academic tutors, speech language therapists, advocates, and attorneys. You will also find government programs, grassroots organizations, special education schools, and parent support groups.

Special Education Dept. at Massachusetts DESE - Provides technical assistance and guidance on the special education process, including governing law, forms, and complaint procedures.

About Carla C. Leone

Carla C. Leone is an attorney who represents children with special needs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts before the Bureau of Special Education Appeals division of the Department of Education. She is admitted to practice law in all state and federal courts in both Massachusetts and New York State.

Carla is a 1985 cum laude graduate of New England School of Law, Boston. After graduating from law school, she joined the practice of Congdon, Flaherty, O'Callaghan, Reid, Donlon and Travis in Garden City, NY, where she concentrated in civil litigation and appellate practice. Her responsibilities included handling numerous personal injury and property damage cases, with an emphasis upon negligence, products liability, environmental law, labor law (construction accidents) and insurance coverage issues. Carla also headed the firm's Appeals Group for several years, monitoring the progress of all appeals, and at the same time, she handled over twenty-five appeals in State and Federal Courts in their entirety, from filing of Notice of Appeal through argument. Additionally, she undertook representation of a software company for a protracted battle over copyright issues related to proprietary software.

In 1993, Carla joined the general litigation practice of Leone & Leone, in Arlington, MA. While associated with that firm she focused upon the areas of special education law, appellate law, civil litigation, bankruptcy law and contract law. Her practice began to increasingly develop in the area of special education law, until in 2001 she opened her own law firm. Since that time, Carla has successfully assisted families of school-age children in navigating the special education process, and obtaining a free, appropriate public education for their child. At her current location in Concord, MA, her emphasis is to be a strong advocate for children, while bringing a constructive, collaborative approach to the table.

Attorney Leone provides one-half hour of free initial consultation to potential clients and thereafter charges reasonable fees pursuant to a signed retainer agreement.

"I have a zealous approach to the practice of law, and will handle your case with meticulous care. Additionally, I am qualified to handle a wide range of civil litigation matters, and would be pleased to consult with you about your legal needs."

- Carla C. Leone

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Admitted to Practice in Massachusetts (1985) and in New York (1986)

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